Midwest has earned a reputation as one of the leading asset management and loan servicing companies in the country. For that reason, they are typically exposed to prospective opportunities in one of three ways:

Loan Sales Advisors
Midwest has developed excellent relationships with loan sales advisors – counsel hired by financial institutions to seek out asset management and service companies that fit the institution’s criteria.

Loan Sales Brokers
Midwest also supports brokers representing financial institutions that sell loans outside the typical loan sale advisor process.

Direct Institution Relationships
Midwest enjoys relationships with the nation’s leading financial institutions. Many of whom they have supported in previous strategic transactions –earning a high level of credibility for their management and service expertise.

When a potential opportunity is presented to Midwest, it is evaluated against specific investor criteria to determine if the deal is appropriate for our investors’ portfolio. If there is a potential fit, offering materials are forwarded to the investor for discussion and a decision to pursue.

With approval to proceed, there may be a formal indicative bid process to provides initial pricing feedback and determine competitive interest.  In the absence of an indicative bid, the process typically proceeds toward informal pricing discussions.  In either case, and at this stage, a spreadsheet-level analysis and sampling of collateral is completed in order to determine a preliminary pricing range.  This initial analysis is intended to help Midwest gain a better understand the economics of the prospective deal and is critical to evaluating the reasonable probability of successfully acquiring the assets before investing a moving toward final bid.