Midwest Financial Group is one of the country’s leading purchasers and servicers of performing, sub-performing, and non-performing loans, having acquired and managed over $7 billion in loan portfolio investments across diverse asset categories, including:

  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Litigation and Bankruptcy Credit
  • Agricultural Credit
  • Commercial and Residential Loans in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Midwest remains a highly regarded, trusted strategic adviser by financial institutions, third-party brokers, and investment partners. By executing quickly and confidentially through a proven underwriting and asset purchase process, Midwest makes it its mission to develop and execute value-maximizing loan resolution strategies that deliver the highest value and certainty of close to financial institutions and its partners, while providing reasonable, risk-adjusted returns to our investor partners.

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Midwest Financial Group By The Numbers

$ 7 Billion
Loan Portfolio Investments Managed Since 1996
Total Number of Loans Managed
$ 2,000,000 to
$ 50,000,000
Typical Loan Portfolio Size
Number of Loan Portfolios Acquired Since 2010
$ 100,000 to
$ 10 + Million
Typical Loan Size
$ 1 Billion
Current Assets Under Management

Expert Underwriting

Underwriting strategies vary depending on the nature of the asset, the size of the portfolio, the information provided by the seller, as well as other variables. Most underwriting projects occur on an accelerated timeline. It is rare to have more than 30 days from receipt of opportunity, to the final bid date. Utilizing its proprietary Due Diligence Database (DDD), Midwest can efficiently and effectively review and manage every aspect of the underwriting process to the benefit and success of both sellers and investors.

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Extensive Servicing and Support

Midwest offers both primary servicing and special servicing to financial institutions and investment partners. Primary Servicing entails day-to-day payment processing and reporting on performing assets. Special Servicing encompasses workout and recovery processes on sub-performing and non-performing assets. Midwest has invested in the people, processes and technology to help support its loan servicing efforts.

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Meet Our Experience

Joseph Lovenduski, Founder and Chairman, Midwest Financial Group

With more than 30 years of banking experience Joe has been active in purchasing loans and similar assets since the mid-1980’s.

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Timothy Sheehan, President and Chief Executive Officer

Tim’s lending and legal experience at Citibank having served as a commercial banker and a commercial litigator brought a unique combination of experience to Midwest in 1999.

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